Extreme Winter Weather Update

As I prepared for bed, and the winter storm that was headed our way, I closed all of the Roman shades in our family room and turned out the lights. I awoke the next morning to bone chilling and frostbite inducing sub zero temperatures. brrrr

There is a reason that I put down the Roman shades, do you know what it is? This frightening cold snap gave me the opportunity to share a Winter window tip with you.

Windows are great at letting sunshine and fresh air in; however, windows allow heat gain and loss to affect the inside temperatures of a home- this is NOT a good thing.

As an Interior Designer, I’ve seen many a bare window in my line of work and I’ve heard all the reasons why window treatments are thought not to be necessary. The reality is that there are many more reasons to have window coverings than to not have them. You may have thought that window treatments only provided an ascetic value; however, they may also add functional value to too. Why not take a second look at your window’s needs and see if a beautiful and functional window covering is in order?

In the comments below, please, share with me how you combat cold windows to keep your home feeling warm-n-cozy during the winter season.

Thank you for watching, and sharing your comments- I always appreciate learning from what you have to say.



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