Soul Satisfying Spaces

Client Name: Hunter
Work Description: Modern, White with a Splash of Color

Work Information:

“I first met Gina when she came to my previous home to stage it for sale. She took all my old stuff and rearranged it so it flowed, made sense and was pleasing to the eye of most buyers. My home sold in the next 60 days, after being on the market that previous 18 months.
When I purchased my new home, Gina helped me define the design style and color palette for my new space. But more importantly, she asked me to choose five words that defined the mood or feel of the space. Then, throughout the design process, if we were stuck on a decision, we simply always went back to the words I had selected. This process served as a beacon by which our collaborative design evolved. Now, when I walk into the space, it really feels like home, so beautiful to the eye, and so satisfying for the spirit and soul.” Mary Jo Hunter, Pharm. D.

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