Gina Paris is a self-educated designer whose firm specializes in redesign, renovation and the creation of upcycled furniture and home accessories.

As a teenager, she worked in her parents’ auto parts store, experimenting with paint and also helped her mother do everything from shingle roofs, to tear down non-support walls. But it wasn’t until she remodeled her 100-year-old home in Conneaut Lake that she knew design was “in me”.

Her functional and comfortable spaces combine the full spectrum of color, a mix of furniture styles and materials and the use of light in ways that change the energy of a room. For Paris, design is about reconnecting with and healing the mind, body and spirit.

“When the room feels off, you’re off. When I work in a room, I’m not just working with the design, I’m shifting the energy to change the way you feel.”

Gina Paris
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How I Work

“My favorite colors are warm blues and blue/greens. My power words? Awake. Change. Strong. Sensitive. Adventure.”


My clients are at the stage of their life where they’re ready for a change and willing to invest in what’s best for themselves and their home.

I start the process by selecting your personal color palette. Often it’s based on some aspect already in the room, but there’s also the opportunity for a complete reinvention.

Then you select five inspiration words. They can be anything but usually they’re related to what describes your personality and style. How do you want the room to feel? How do you want to feel in the room?

As for your collections and furniture, I want to find out which objects you love, what you must keep and why. Once I understand the story behind them, I’ll figure out how to use them in the redesign.

I like spending some time alone in the space to get a sense of the energy, to be inspired and to get a feeling for what has to change. I work in stages and build on the vision throughout the process. I love knowing every little detail about you and as we get to know each other I’ll work them into your design.

Fashion trends don’t influence my aesthetic. I don’t follow them. I want my rooms to be as timeless as possible and I don’t always think it’s practical to decorate with the latest and greatest color when you’ve got a list of your own preferences.




Interior designer and healing practitioner shows how to revitalize your living space to create a more soul-satisfying environment.

Gina Paris speaks about a variety of topics including:
*Windows That WOW!
*Put Your Foot Down… On Fabulous Flooring
*Aging In Place: Living In Your Dream Home For Life

California, Ohio and Pennsylvania. (Invitations from other states are welcome!)
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Mary Jo Hunter Pharm.D
Vantage Healthcare Network

“I first met Gina when she came to my previous home to “stage” it for sale. She took all my old stuff and rearranged it so it flowed, made sense and was pleasing to the eye of most buyers. My home sold in the next 60 days, after being on the market the previous 18 months.
When I purchased my new home, Gina helped me define the design style and color palette for my new space. Then, throughout the design process, if we were stuck on a decision, we simply always went back to the words I had selected. This process served as a beacon by which our collaborative design evolved. Now, when I walk into the space, it really feels like home, so beautiful to the eye, and so satisfying for the spirit and soul.”

Meadville, PA


Sandy Hunter

“Gina did the draperies in our gathering room and master bath. She did a wonderful job from the beginning consultation ’til the final installation. Gina did the design and gave us wonderful fabric and trim choices in our budget. She then came down to SC with everything she needed in hand to install. It was surely and added bonus to work with such a beautiful, talented and pleasant young lady. She will definitely be the one we call when we are ready to do more decorating.”

York, SC


Heather Carlson
Executive Senior Sales Director at Mary Kay Cosmetics

“Gina Paris is AWESOME!!! Gina VERY affordable and GREAT at what she does! We had a house on the market for over 2 years. Gina came in, and gave suggestions on what needed to be done, and the house sold in just a few months! She is professional and very organized. She is a “hands on” worker, persistent in what she wants, but not pushy, and beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. We so appreciated her services!”

Meadville, PA


Mary Jane

“The apartment is perfect thanks to you everyone who sees it wants to move in. I would highly recommend you on all counts. Many thanks.”

Meadville, PA


Doreen McClean

“I decided to get a professional opinion on the color scheme for my bedroom. It is the master bedroom and I had existing bedding that I wanted to work with. Usually, I make the wrong decision on paint and end up hating the end result. Hoping to avoid this, I consulted with Gina Paris of Gina Paris Design.

Gina was very knowledgeable about color schemes and was able to provide me with a palette of colors which I could view prior to selecting my paint. We decided together that I wanted to go with a traditional look for the room, since my home is over 100 years old and retains a lot of the natural wood trim. She was able to match my existing design perfectly, as well as, the woodwork in the room. Even the ceiling color was provided- a nice change from the plain white. When I decided on the color I preferred, I took the samples with me to the store to have the paint mixed.

I was very happy with the results. The bedroom looks and feels very traditional and the woodwork is warmly complemented; the exact look I was going for. I would highly recommend Gina Paris to friends and family!”

Conneaut Lake, PA


Ginny & Larry McQuiston

“Dear Gina,
What a pleasure it was having you come to our home. You were so easy to work with. The color palette you helped me with for our large family room was perfect. It’s colors brought warmth & a relaxed mood- we are so much enjoying our room. And, now the compliments have been overwhelming. I especially love how you pulled the palette of colors together with what we already have in furnishings & etc. You will be highly recommended!! Again, A BIG THANKS.
The Venetian plaster looks great.”

Lake Wilhelm, PA




Remodeling and Home Design
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How I Work

“Even if a room looks finished…it never is. I’m always rearranging. I have been known to change furniture placement with the seasons… or my mood…”

As a kid, I always helped my mom move the furniture around. It wasn’t uncommon for all of us to switch up our bedrooms completely, and be moved into a different room at the end of a day.

I helped her do everything from shingle roofs to tearing down non-support walls. I even redid my bedroom and painted a mural of a tiger in the grass — with car paint no less! My parents owned an auto parts store and my dad taught me a few things about cars, lol. My mom taught me that I can do anything.

When my husband, and I purchased our first home we bought a hundred year old house that was in need of major TLC. It was a decorating dream to me, and I began to restore and upcycle furniture. I decorated every spare moment that I had. I fabricated window treatments, sanded hardwood floors, stripped the beautiful walnut banister, balusters, and newel post. I wallpapered, painted, and stenciled every room to fit my limited budget and taste but most importantly, to change the energy. I thrive on change.

Ten years later we moved to a newer home — circa 1979 — that was covered in wallpaper! I started all over, and striped every room, one by one, and painted everything.

“I believe that everything is energy. Whether we feel good or bad, depends on the frequency whether it’s a person or a room. Low frequencies equal illness. High frequencies equal feeling, being and living well.”

Think about a home where there is no harmony. There isn’t enough lighting in the right places; furniture placement is awkward; and you can FEEL something is wrong. When the room feels off, you’re off. When I work in a room, I’m changing the energy to raise the vibrations in the space and that also raises your vibrations. Feel well, live well.

I’ve considered myself a healer, in the broad sense, since I was I was 19 and my mom was diagnosed with Lupus. She became so ill between giving birth to my youngest siblings that I took care of her and my baby sister and brother.

Traditional medicine didn’t have anything to offer my mom, and basically told her to go home and die so we looked into various holistic treatments and ended up working with an Orthomolecular Biochemist. With vitamins, strict diet, and time she has returned to good health.

Brady is my oldest son. For a child that wasn’t supposed to live longer than a few months he lived for 15 1/2 years. He had an infectious laugh, a healing soul, and a dark sense of humor lol. He also has multiple disabilities from a lack of oxygen at birth. He was completely dependent on us for his care and for many years I have sought out and found treatments, both traditional and holistic, that have given Brady a better and more comfortable life.

He spent a lot of time in his room and so making his space beautiful was important to me. I painted the ceiling Blue Bauble, and the walls a dark saturated shade called Calypso and it just felt good for a child without being electric and over stimulating. It’s a happy color. I also designed a shower that could accommodate his shower chair and purchased a high-tech hospital bed that makes it easier for me to take care of him.

Design is therapeutic. When Brady was young and in critical condition, I spent a lot of time at home by myself taking care of him. I know how powerful shifting the energy in my space was to keeping me together, to help him be more comfortable, to help us both heal. I believe the energy of a room’s design has a healing effect and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

“Brady passed away in my arms November 6, 2012, of pneumonia. In 2012 as I noticed Brady’s tiredness set in I struggled with being a good mother and an interior designer. One stressful day, the nurse had called off and I had to cancel appointments with clients to stay home and care for Brady, I asked Brady if I should continue with decorating, and he gave me the longest ‘of course you should’ blink “YES”. In that moment he gave me the courage and strength to continue on my path as both a devoted mother AND a passionate interior designer. I know that his spirit is still guiding me as it always has been, and I cherish the gifts that he has given me. Thank you, Brady.”

~ Gina Paris

Gina, Billy, Riley Brady and Charlie in Mexico.

Gina and Jeane, Gina’s mom, Mother’s Day, 2012.

Brady and Gina at the Crawford County Demolition Derby.

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