Interview with a designer

I must be doing something right… After being in the interior design business for seven years, I’m attracting a little more attention these days. Recently, Empire Broadcast Radio asked me for an eight minute interview with Michael David on The Professionals Round Table. Not wanting to pass up a new opportunity, I accepted. I must […]

Rough Rocker

A little while back, I shared with you how I Painted a Rocking Chair. Here’s the before and after of that rough rocker: -Gina

10 Steps to Antique Cabinets

For years friends and family have admired my distressed sky blue kitchen cabinets. Often times, I would be asked how I painted them…what’s my process? Well, recently I applied the same technique to a client’s apartment kitchen cabinets, and this time I recorded the whole process. Watch here: Please ask any questions you may have in the […]

How To Apply Fabric to Furniture

In my last post I shared with you the transformation of Petite Rocker. I’ve received quite a few compliments on that sweet little rocking chair- along with a lot of questions on how I did it. For those of you who are interested, here is my secret to Petite Rocker’s pretty pattern… -Gina

Petite Rocker Transformed

If you know me, then you know once I’m inspired to create… I become completely focused on a project until it’s competed (I’m talking no house cleaning, barely cooking, and showering at the end of the day kind of focus). This tiny rocking chair was no different. Petite Rocker had been kicking around my front […]

How To Spray Paint

One evening, last week, I found inspiration for rocking chair #2. I was so excited to get started I rolled out of bed, and forgot to fix my hair!! If you don’t watch this video to learn how to spray paint… watch it to see how bad my hair really is! lol -Gina    

How I Painted a Rocking Chair

After 15 years of being in this house- and discovering that I had a strong wifi signal- I decided to decorate my front porch. I knew I wanted two chairs, but I had no idea of what type of chair- maybe whicker? I also knew that I wanted to redesign the chairs; so I set […]

3 Simple Steps To Kick The Framily Habit

Have you heard of Sprint’s Framily Plan? Getting all your friends and family on one plan, doesn’t that sound great? Well, that doesn’t apply to interior decorating. Some us of tend to “design by committee”, aka the framily, and wonder how we end up with a room that’s less than attractive and less than who […]

The Naked Truth About Windows

Old Man Winter is still coming on strong… we recieved another 5 inches of snow, and it’s still very, very cold outside making this video a bit of a challenge to create- I’m F-F-REEZING as I write. The naked truth about your windows is this: if your windows are bare, they are cold, drafty, and […]

Is Winter Here for the Long Haul?

Can you believe that it was -17 here in NW PA?! Old Man Winter just keeps slapping us with bone chilling temperatures and snow. It’s another subzero day, and I’m sure you’re trying to stay warm just like me. Did you know that 30% of your home’s heat may be lost through it’s windows? That’s […]

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