Will Getting To Know Me Make You Cry?

The way we do business has really changed since I was a kid. I remember banking was done in person; on a hand shake. Now banking is done online, but only after you have a user name, password, picture validation, phone verification, pin number, and checked the little box stating that you’ve read the lengthy […]

Extreme Winter Weather Update

As I prepared for bed, and the winter storm that was headed our way, I closed all of the Roman shades in our family room and turned out the lights. I awoke the next morning to bone chilling and frostbite inducing sub zero temperatures. brrrr There is a reason that I put down the Roman […]

Reupholstered? No, it’s…

PAINT–vinyl paint. I digress. I recently had a redesign project that required a dining table and chairs to create a more comfortable and functional family room. I never worry about where items will come from, they always manifest themselves and this project was no different… out of storage appeared wrought iron furniture- a vintage glass […]

Embark on a New Adventure at Home

I’ve been so busy running around working on client’s projects that I have not taken any time to write. So here I am sitting on the upper deck of Carnival Valor, cruising the Caribbean to Barbados, writing my blog. Yes, I am on vacation but that doesn’t mean that I stop working. For the most […]

Inspiring Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Wow, where has April gone!? I’ve been playing with the idea of putting a mini magazine online and here it is- I’m finally getting it published online! I know you love decorating as much as I do, so here is the new issue of my exciting company mini magazine. It is filled with tips, tricks […]

Top 15 Picks for the Home & Garden Show

A couple of designer friends invited me to attend The Great Big Home + Garden Show 2013 with them.  I had never heard of the show.  It sounded like a fun day and a great opportunity to see what vendors had to offer at the consumer level.  I was unable to attend the home and garden […]

Are You Creating “Inside the Box”?

I’ve been working with a client for over three years on various projects, and we’ve come to a point in our design relationship where she gives me her comfort spending level, her five feeling words, and free reign over the project- meaning she trusts me to unleash my creative spirit and design something she will LOVE while […]

Christmas Time Warp

My husband, Billy, and I have recently been attending post holiday Holiday parties and they’ve brought back that nostalgic feeling of Christmas past for me.  This last Christmas was a little different for my family in more ways than one.  First of all, we celebrated Christmas without Brady, my 15 year old son, who had just […]

Screw Cutting 101

I was working on a bathroom mini remodel and I wanted to change the original old fashioned drawer pulls out for something more interesting and modern.  Yes, I know that these pulls are still available, but unless you are going for a antique look- or something else that I like to call “Old Lady” – […]

Family Reunion Texas Style

This I summer I surprised my family by secretly traveling to Dallas, TX, for my niece’s high school graduation. How could I pass up the chance to travel, AND see my family?! Lol. I am the oldest of four children, and my siblings are Adam, 42, Alex, 25, and Bobby, 24.  We are all in different […]

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