Rough Rocker

A little while back, I shared with you how I Painted a Rocking Chair. Here’s the before and after of that rough rocker: -Gina

Petite Rocker Transformed

If you know me, then you know once I’m inspired to create… I become completely focused on a project until it’s competed (I’m talking no house cleaning, barely cooking, and showering at the end of the day kind of focus). This tiny rocking chair was no different. Petite Rocker had been kicking around my front […]

Embark on a New Adventure at Home

I’ve been so busy running around working on client’s projects that I have not taken any time to write. So here I am sitting on the upper deck of Carnival Valor, cruising the Caribbean to Barbados, writing my blog. Yes, I am on vacation but that doesn’t mean that I stop working. For the most […]

Are You Creating “Inside the Box”?

I’ve been working with a client for over three years on various projects, and we’ve come to a point in our design relationship where she gives me her comfort spending level, her five¬†feeling¬†words, and free reign over the project- meaning she trusts me to unleash my creative spirit and design something she will LOVE while […]