The Naked Truth About Windows

Old Man Winter is still coming on strong… we recieved another 5 inches of snow, and it’s still very, very cold outside making this video a bit of a challenge to create- I’m F-F-REEZING as I write. The naked truth about your windows is this: if your windows are bare, they are cold, drafty, and […]

Is Winter Here for the Long Haul?

Can you believe that it was -17 here in NW PA?! Old Man Winter just keeps slapping us with bone chilling temperatures and snow. It’s another subzero day, and I’m sure you’re trying to stay warm just like me. Did you know that 30% of your home’s heat may be lost through it’s windows? That’s […]

Extreme Winter Weather Update

As I prepared for bed, and the winter storm that was headed our way, I closed all of the Roman shades in our family room and turned out the lights. I awoke the next morning to bone chilling and frostbite inducing sub zero temperatures. brrrr There is a reason that I put down the Roman […]