Will Getting To Know Me Make You Cry?

The way we do business has really changed since I was a kid. I remember banking was done in person; on a hand shake. Now banking is done online, but only after you have a user name, password, picture validation, phone verification, pin number, and checked the little box stating that you’ve read the lengthy agreement. Why so much info required? It’s nothing personal- the bank’s computer doesn’t know who you are.

Isn’t doing business online so impersonal? Online designer sites are no different. How do you really get to know a designer? You can scour the internet for information, but how personal is that?  Can you really get a sense of who they are from the text on their ABOUT US page? And, if you’re only looking at their fees you’re missing the value of who they are and what they bring to the design table.

Don’t you want to know who you’re inviting into your home to decorate it? Wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone that you know and trust?

I want us to get to know each other better. In this interview I share 7 insights about Gina Paris Design, PLUS, something that may just make you cry…

Well, did you… cry? Whether you cried or not doesn’t matter. What matters is this… Do you have a better sense of who I am as an interior designer and a person? Did you get the feeling that you’d like to work with me or at least get to know me better? Or maybe not?

Good, because I feel interior design is very personal work, and you should know who you’re working with.

Thank you for taking time to know me better. Now I’d like to know a little something about you; in the comments below, please share how you determine– from your choices on the internet– if someone will be a “good fit”  and worth working with.

As always, thank you for watching, and I appreciate your insightful and sincere comments.

By Gina Paris

P.S. The majority of my work comes by word of mouth; please share this with anyone that may be interested in learning more about Gina Paris Design. Thanks.