Christmas Time Warp

My husband, Billy, and I have recently been attending post holiday Holiday parties and they’ve brought back that nostalgic feeling of Christmas past for me.  This last Christmas was a little different for my family in more ways than one.  First of all, we celebrated Christmas without Brady, my 15 year old son, who had just passed away in November after a brief illness.  Secondly we spent our holiday in Mexico.  With Brady’s passing we knew that Christmas would not be the same here in Conneaut Lake, so on Christmas Eve we (Billy, our children, Charlie and Riley, and myself) headed off to Mexico to see my mother, feel the warmth of sunshine, and comfort our souls.  For me, going to the Yucatan for Christmas was like stepping back in time.  Most of the Christmas decorations looked like they were from the 60’s? and some of them were brand new!  I made it a point to photograph the trees that I spotted on our excursions (honestly, I’ve never seen so many), and featured below are the ones that I caught on film…uhh digital SD card lol.

The first Christmas tree that I encountered in Mexico was my mother’s red and gold decorated tree.  It reminded me of my childhood Christmas trees, but with less stuff- no tinsel or mismatched ornaments.

At our house awaited a surprise…a live Christmas tree decorated with motherly love.  This really meant a lot to the kids-they feared there’d be no Christmas tree in Mexico.

I discovered this simple red and gold tree complete with a beautiful Nativity in Campeche’s historic Governor’s house.

I spotted this angelic little tree when I popped into Antigua- my favorite Campechean boutique.

Aren’t the chili peppers on Luz de Luna’s Christmas tree fun?!  Laura’s tree is just as interesting as her restaurant, and the food is delicious!

There are a couple of trees in Campeche’s temporary holiday theme park that is in the process of being dismantled.  See what I mean about the time warp?

Champoton’s snow white Christmas tree and humanly disproportionate Santa Clause lol.

Hacienda Uyuamon’s pretty blue and silver tree tied with ribbons.

It’d be hard to miss Campeche’s massive green Christmas tree.  I wish I had seen it lit up at night.

El Cchimbazo Restaurante had their special blue lit Christmas tree custom made to just fit into the space and tie in with the restaurant’s yellow and blue decor.

The New Year rang in as I walked past Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s sparkly green and blue Holiday tree…the last tree I saw in 2012 and the first in 2013.


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