Embark on a New Adventure at Home

I’ve been so busy running around working on client’s projects that I have not taken any time to write. So here I am sitting on the upper deck of Carnival Valor, cruising the Caribbean to Barbados, writing my blog. Yes, I am on vacation but that doesn’t mean that I stop working. For the most part I’m relaxing but I can’t stop seeing through designer’s eyes. Everywhere I look there’s color, pattern, texture, light, furniture…it’s an endless sea of design.

Ships at Port

As I’m being wind whipped on the port side of the ship, I look out over the Valor’s railing to take in a stunning view of the deep Sapphire sea. In contrast to the dark blue ocean, white caps roll past the ship’s hull as it cuts through the water- the gigantic boat gently lists and sways. On the horizon, above and beyond the sea…clear blue sky and white cottony clouds- all highlighted by the sun.

What a View!

I pull my gaze back onto the Valor. I notice the wooden handrail- teak coated in glossy marine varnish reflecting the sun’s rays. Bright white posts, rails, and hull all look freshly painted. Three rows of the darkest shade of blue basket weave vinyl and gray aluminum chaise lounge chairs all facing the ocean blue. The deck’s sun washed teak planks alternate their staggered pattern from one row to the next. There appears to be rubber caulking in between the deck planks-I continually reach down to touch it… I wonder what it is?

On Deck

When I look around me I see the angled edge of the upper deck. This deck is shading me, and the wind is a bit chilly sitting here- I’ve wrapped a towel around my shoulders for protection. Speakers are mounted underneath this deck- thankfully they are silent on this level. There is a shower over my right shoulder. The upside down J tube shower is made of polished stainless steel. (The shower’s teak grate reminds me of the one that my dad made for the cockpit of our 30′ Catalina sailboat when I was a kid). To my left are large tinted windows- the casual dining area. Speaking of dining it’s time I go and get ready for dinner.

Maritime Shower on Carnival Valor

I had a wonderful time on my first cruise, and what you’ve just read is the only writing I did on my entire trip. I found the decor on the Valor to be inspiring because I live in Conneaut Lake- a resort town located on the largest natural spring fed lake in Pennsylvania, and it’s only natural that a lot of the interior and exterior design reflects a Nautical or Coastal theme. I am at home on the water and to bring that feeling into my space I’ve created a Sherwin-Williams color palette using one of my photos taken on deck.

“Valor Deck” Sherwin-Williams Custom Color Palette*

After a stressful day wouldn’t you love to come home and feel like you’re cruising the Caribbean? Yes? Then it’s time to change up your space and embark on a new adventure at home. Feel free to use my Sherwin-Williams custom color palette* or create your own color palette to transform your room into a Nautical dream.

Do want a change of colors, but are afraid to create your own color palette and actually use it?  Then let’s get together and create your personal color palette together during a color consultation. With my help you’ll gain the color confidence that you need to step outside of your comfort zone and sail off into the sunset with color.

By Gina Paris

Sailing off into the sunset…

*Actual colors may vary. Order a Sherwin-Williams color sample prior to painting.

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