Is Winter Here for the Long Haul?

Can you believe that it was -17 here in NW PA?! Old Man Winter just keeps slapping us with bone chilling temperatures and snow.

It’s another subzero day, and I’m sure you’re trying to stay warm just like me. Did you know that 30% of your home’s heat may be lost through it’s windows? That’s one very good reason to install window treatments!

I recently attended the International Window Covering Expo, and I came home with an innovative and insulating product that I think you just might like. Take a look…

So what’d you think? Isn’t it a cool cellular shade/blind? Wouldn’t you love a product like this covering your frosty windows?

With some of the coldest temperatures in history, Winter seems like it’s just getting started and here for the long haul. I recommend that you purchase insulating window treatments ASAP so that you can enjoy a warm-n-toasty home all Winter long.

Thank you for sharing your time with me. As Always, I appreciate your thoughts and comments.

By Gina Paris





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