3 Simple Steps To Kick The Framily Habit

Have you heard of Sprint’s Framily Plan? Getting all your friends and family on one plan, doesn’t that sound great?

Well, that doesn’t apply to interior decorating.

Some us of tend to “design by committee”, aka the framily, and wonder how we end up with a room that’s less than attractive and less than who we are. Our home says nothing about us. Well, it does say something… it says we let Aunt Jane, Brother Bob, and little Susie decorate our space, because our room tells someone else’s story- not our own . The fact is, no one knows that someone else picked it out- they think we did, so it must be our style.

Here’s how I’ve seen it go down…

Sandy*, invited her friends and family to our consultation. I showed Sandy area rug samples; and without looking at it, she passed the book around to everyone- they each gave their opinion regardless of color and pattern. I could see what was happening… Sandy was giving her framily the authority to make every design decision for her- good, bad and ugly. Because I was hired to design Sandy’s perfect room, I took command of the project- kept it, and the rooms turned out even better than she and her framily could have dreamed.

So how do you minimize the power of friends and family in your interior life, and kick the framily plan?

You take control…

1. Set boundaries. Figure out what you’re willing to compromise on and what you’re not, and stick to your guns.

2. Only include family LIVING in your home. These are the people that share your space, so they may want a say in it (but factor in how long they’ll be living there, who’s paying for this, etc.).

3. Narrow YOUR likes down to two options for your family to chose from. This limits their choices to what will work with your design; it also eliminates overwhelm for all parties involved.

Something you can do to avoid the “Design by Committee” altogether is… Keep your ideas to yourself! I know it’s hard to contain your excitement about a new fabric (it’s hard for me too), but no one can visualize your decorating plan and keeping it to yourself reduces negative feedback and self doubt.

If you still run into trouble with the framily, call in professional help to get the space you’ve always dreamed of. There’s nothing wrong with hiring a trained and talented decorating coach to help you through the design process or a designer to create interior nirvana for you.

Ultimately you’re the one that’s going to have to live in your home; so why not have it feel the way you want it to feel?  Not the way your sister and neighbor want it to feel.

Have trouble with the framily when it comes to decorating or no problems at all? Leave a comment and share how you handle a “design by committee”.

With much love, Gina


*Name has been changed.









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