Reupholstered? No, it’s…

PAINTvinyl paint.

I digress. I recently had a redesign project that required a dining table and chairs to create a more comfortable and functional family room. I never worry about where items will come from, they always manifest themselves and this project was no different… out of storage appeared wrought iron furniture- a vintage glass top, wrought iron dining table and six chairs to be exact. The dull wrought iron frames had acquired a little bit of rust, and the light carmel colored seat backs and cushions were the wrong color for the family room, but this dining set was cool, had great bones, and the best part is… it was free!                                                                                                              

Original 1950’s Woodard Wrought Iron table frame and chairs.

Re-upholster or paint? Decisions, decisions. Because this wrought iron set was for a redesign project…I decided that painting it would be the most cost effective and timely way to go- it can always be re-upholstered later, right?  For this recycle project I chose black PlastiKote Vinyl Paint. I purchased the vinyl paint at my local automotive parts retailer, Auto Plus a.k.a. Page’s Tire & Auto. (Just a little side note: My family owned Page’s for over 25 years, and I worked there for 10+ years- that’s how I knew PlastiKote marketed a vinyl spray paint.)

I cleaned and partially disassembled the chairs to make painting easier. Once everything was ready to paint, I took it all out to my back yard and got to work. (If you’re working outside like me, make sure there’s no wind or you’ll have over spray everywhere.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of me spray painting the cushions- I was too busy working. I recommend that you read the paint can’s directions prior to painting, because every paint application and drying time is different. A couple of things that you may want to have on hand are a respirator and a spray can trigger attachment- this will save your fingers and forearm. I also recommend that you try the PlastiKote Can Gun, Spray Can Trigger-Handle (I found a Rustoleum trigger handle. It worked better with the Rustoleum spray nozzle than it did with the PlastiKote nozzle- I had to rig it up with a rubber washer for the PlastiKote nozzle to function).

In the photo below you can see the over spray from the flat black paint and the seat cushions, raised up on buckets, drying.  It only took a few hours of spray painting, and some drying time, before the seat cushions and arm rests were ready to be screwed back into place on the metal base.

Paint tip: wait until the paint dries before touching up any missed areas. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a dull finish in that spot and have to repaint every where for a nice, shiny, even coat.

This entire painting project was a design secret kept from the homeowner, and the revitalized wrought iron furniture was installed during the redesign process for the BIG revealThe excited and shocked homeowner exclaimed, “I love it! Did you reupholster my chairs!? What did you do to my chairs!?”. I laughed and responded, “No, it’s paintvinyl paint… I painted them with automotive vinyl paint“.

After looking at the refreshed and recycled furniture, can you believe that someone was about to throw this great vintage dining set out?  I can’t! Especially when I discovered that this wrought iron set is 1950’s Woodard Wrought Iron Furniture- what a surprise!

Remember…If I can do it, you can do it to!

By Gina Paris