Gina Paris Design Studio

Client Name: Paris
Work Description: Design Studio

Work Information:

From the very beginning, I knew that I needed a professional design studio if I was going to build a ‘real business’ and not just a hobby business. I emptied our formal living room–which wasn’t being used– of it’s furnishings, and filled it with functional and beautiful treasures found through clients, Craiglist, and family.

Some of the pieces were already distressed to my liking; however my uncle’s 1970s desk required my attention. I loved the dark wood desk top, but the body was faded and orange from years of sun light and smoke. In four hours time I primed, painted, crackled, glazed, sanded and clear coated the desk’s base to fit in with the armoires. I left the lovely top wood for contrast and interest.

Originally, I had Bisque color sculpted carpet installed because it was less expensive than hardwood. Eight years later, the carpet was wrinkled and dirty– it felt gross. I recently replaced the carpet with White Oak hardwood flooring. Now my space feels great–I love my studio!

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