How I Painted a Rocking Chair

After 15 years of being in this house- and discovering that I had a strong wifi signal- I decided to decorate my front porch. I knew I wanted two chairs, but I had no idea of what type of chair- maybe whicker? I also knew that I wanted to redesign the chairs; so I set […]

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3 Simple Steps To Kick The Framily Habit

Have you heard of Sprint’s Framily Plan? Getting all your friends and family on one plan, doesn’t that sound great? Well, that doesn’t apply to interior decorating. Some us of tend to “design by committee”, aka the framily, and wonder how we end up with a room that’s less than attractive and less than who […]

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The Naked Truth About Windows

Old Man Winter is still coming on strong… we recieved another 5 inches of snow, and it’s still very, very cold outside making this video a bit of a challenge to create- I’m F-F-REEZING as I write. The naked truth about your windows is this: if your windows are bare, they are cold, drafty, and […]

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