I’ve been painting furniture for over 30 years now, and once in a while I’ve painted fabric and vinyl using special paints. I’ve been dragging my feet on trying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, because I’ve read opposing arguments to it’s durability without prepping.

Well, I’ve seen many upholstered pieces painted with chalk paint and thought it looked pretty good in photos. I had to try it out for myself; here I am experimenting with chalk paint on fabric.

For my first project I’ve chosen to paint the upholstery on a chair. Chalk paint needs to be mixed with water to paint fabric. Diluting chalk paint makes it very thin and watery. After the paint dried, I noticed a few paint runs on the chair legs.

I’ve heard and read that no prep work is required for chalk paint to adhere to wood-does that mean the paint is permanently on the wood legs? Possibly. Now what?

All is not lost, here’s how I removed the chalk paint:

Gina Paris at Las Vegas Market Center with Light Fixture

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