If you know me, then you know I love to travel the world. Most of my clients are the same. Life becomes really exciting when I have the opportunity to combine interior design work with a client’s passion for their favorite place on the planet.

“French Connection Master Suite” is just that– a connection to a French hotel through creative interior design.

I often ask clients for images of spaces that they like, and so many times they aren’t really sure of what they like or what their style is. (That’s why I’m called upon–I figure it out). So imagine my internal giddiness when a client shared their favorite place with me… Hotel Crillon Le Brave. Yeesssss, A gorgeous French hotel!

Hotel Crillon Le Brave, Provence, France

What a fantastic place to draw inspiration from! But where to start? And, how do I makeover an American bedroom–using the existing features of the space–into a French hotel room?

I begin by pouring over the hotel gallery photos. Little by little I pick out the details that give the hotel spaces the atmosphere and feeling that I am going for and incorporate them into my design.

The end result… A master bedroom that feels thousands of miles away in another time and place. See for yourself…

Panorama 360 View
View of Bed
View of Focal Points
Fireside View
Top View

The bare bones of the room are plain white walls, beautiful hardwood flooring, nice wide base and door trim, two ceiling fans, and a stacked stone fireplace wall (no actual fireplace) with unfinished wood mantel–everything else from the upholstered bed to the wood ceiling beams to the simple white curtains to the furnishings and accessories to the dusty blue painted wainscoting are all part of the new French Connection design. (The best part is… all of these design elements are easy to recreate in your home.)

Before, when I’d hear people say they wanted their bedroom to feel like a hotel room I’d envision clean, modern spaces with a neutral gray, cream and white color palette that lended themselves to a day spa. Now I envision a warm eclectic blend of antiques, modern and transitional pieces with a subtle color on the walls or even the backside of doors, and white that lends itself to a hotel and spa in France. The beauty of interior design is that the possibilities are endless and may be found in inspirational places if you know how to look for them. C’est ça le design d’intérieur!

Gina Paris at Las Vegas Market Center with Light Fixture

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