There have been times in a room redesign that I wanted to transform a piece of upholstered furniture, but didn’t have the time or money to reupholster it. Enter painting the fabric with some type of fabric paint.

I’ve tried a couple of different fabric paints over the years, but I hadn’t tried Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I finally decided to give Annie Sloan Chalk Paint a try because she offers a nice array of warm neutral paint colors, and rumor has it that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is easy to use.

In this video I take you with me on a trial and error painting adventure, and share with you what I learn about painting upholstery with chalk paint.

The biggest question I had was: How would the fabric feel after the wax dried?

Answer: It’s been a couple of months since I painted and waxed the upholstery on this chair, and I must say it feels okay. Not as soft as the original material, but not as stiff and slick as leather. I don’t know if I’d snuggle up on a sofa that was painted, but I’d certainly sit on it.

Gina Paris at Las Vegas Market Center with Light Fixture

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