With the recent unprecedented world events, and “Shelter in Place” and Social Distancing orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic I have canceled in-home consultations. This doesn’t mean that I have had to stop designing though; this just means I switched to working with clients virtually. This is nothing new to me. I have been working with clients remotely for a while now. Technology makes it all possible–where would we be without video chat, email, printers, computers, etc.?

If you’re a Renovation Soul like me, then you’re making the most of your house bound days and searching for the next project to keep you busy. Just because a lot of your favorite brick and mortar stores are closed doesn’t mean you can’t shop their online stores or find new favorite home decor shoppes online.

Below are my tips for eDesign (a.k.a. Virtual Interior Design, Distance Designing, Virtual Decorating):


Good luck and have fun decorating your home!



Distance Designing DIY


Gina Paris at Las Vegas Market Center with Light Fixture

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