This Winter, as I look around my home I see many decorative objects- and not so decorative objects- stacked, piled, and stuffed into the attic and basement.

I mean, just look at that attic photo. That’s just one section of the cluttered space-lamps. It’s not just my stuff taking up space, it’s also my husband’s and children’s belongings as well.

I’ve always teased my husband about being a hoarder, and he’s always accused me of throwing everything away and being a “stacker”.

I do throw stuff away-more than he likes, but I don’t dispose of everything. I’m definitely a “stacker”; I can’t help but consolidate stuff by stacking it up. But am I a hoarder?

Here’s what Merriam-Webster has to say about that:




Definition of hoard

(Entry 1 of 2)

a supply or fund stored up and often hidden away hoard of cash
hoard verb
Definition of hoard (Entry 2 of 2)

transitive verb

1to collect and often hide away a supply of to accumulate a hoard (see HOARD entry 1) of hoarding food

intransitive verbto collect and often hide away a supply of something to accumulate a hoard (see HOARD entry 1a tendency to hoard

I thought I was an anti-hoarder, and now It sounds like I am indeed a hoarder. Are you a hoarder or an anti-hoarder?

At first, I felt overwhelmed with anxiety by this revelation. Then I remembered that there are plenty of people out there that would actually want and use what I no longer do. Not to mention it’s my off season, so I have plenty of time to sell my good stuff online or donate it.

I have challenged myself to post one item for sale or donate one thing a day, for at least five days a week until Spring (March 20th). So far, I’ve listed eight items (sold half of them) and donated a box of children’s books to the Conneaut Lake library.

Although, I’m beginning to feel better about my spaces being less cluttered, making WAM (walking around money) and finding happy homes for my once beloved treasures…I have more to part with.  For the next few weeks I’ll continue to let go of my goods at these places and others:

What is your favorite “go to” place for selling or donating?

Gina Paris at Las Vegas Market Center with Light Fixture

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